Placement Fees
Contingency Search...
Zurek Professional Resources, LLC charges 30% of the candidate's first year's base salary. The charge applies only if and when a job offer is
accepted and the new employee begins work. All search and presentation services are performed at no charge unless a referred candidate is
hired and begins work.
Engaged Search...
Although we do our best in contingency search, urgent hiring needs take priority over anything else. Contingency Search allows the employer
and the recruiter to forego any obligation unless a placement is made. Although the employer may not be obligated to pay any fees if a
placement is not made, contingency also allows the recruiter to work on the best situations for successful placement. Those choices may
exclude your search from the attention it really needs.

An Engaged Search requires a deposit equal to 1/4 the estimated total fee. This indicates a significant commitment on both the part of the
recruiter and the client company, and allows the recruiter to dedicate all of thier time to the search project. The balance of the fee is then due
upon the start date of the select new hire.

The total fee in an Engaged Search is reduced to 25% of the candidate's first year's base salary.
Fees for Commissioned Sales Professionals
As compensation structure in sales related positions can be based upon various commission structures, or even 100% commission,
Zurek Professional Resources, LLC charges a minimum flat fee of $15,000 for placement where annual earnings are impossible to
Zurek Professional Resources, LLC