Zurek Professional Resources, LLC, concentrates on a limited number of candidates and clients in an attempt to
provide effective results. Those we work with are motivated, committed to completing their employment project
and sincere about their endeavor.

We are THE SOURCE for contract and direct placement. Although we focus upon a limited number of committed
employers and job seekers, we speak with hundreds of organizations and potential candidates each week in efforts
to stay on the cutting edge of industry's direction, growth and needs.

Listening is a skill that is often overlooked. It is essential to understand a person's motivation, passion, difficulties
and special circumstances in order to attain the objective of finding the perfect fit in the ideal job. 90% Of our job is
listening. We take pride in exercising that skill, as it is a powerful tool in reaching the level of success we all strive

Yes, we talk, too. But expect more questions about your aspirations than attempts to convince you of something you
simply have no interest in exploring.
Your input determines our directed efforts in surfacing the right opportunity for you. Your commitment is mirrored
by our staff, and we'll expend as much effort as necessary to exhaust all employment options within your area of

Why Zurek Professional Resources, LLC?
Zurek Professional Resources, LLC, P.O. Box 55143, St. Petersburg, FL 33732, 888-572-3001
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