Zurek Professional Resources, LLC was created for one reason only. Our intention is to one thing and to do it
well. Focus and develop one area of expertise and you will become the premiere resource in that specialty.


To address your short-term staffing needs due to temporary vacancies, or departmental growth, contract
employees can fill the gap, relieve the overburdened staff, and simplify your budgeting issues. Contractors are
employed by us. Their services are then billed to you on a simple hourly basis. Your organization avoids all
benefit concerns, workers' compensation, unemployment, tax withholding, and other various employer
responsibilities and legal obligations.
Should you consider inviting a Contractor to join your group on a direct-hire basis, we treat the situation as a
direct-hire placement. However, your placement fee is reduced and prorated according to the length of the
Travel assignment.


Our responsibilities are two-fold. We surface talented professionals and we seek open positions with employers,
such as yourself, across the continental United States. Each and every day, we utilize direct recruiting, telephone
calls, referals, advertising, the web and a variety of other tools to achieve progress in both employee/employer

Although we cannot guarantee we have an available candidate for your open job, chances are good that we do
have a candidate or the resources to find one in a timely manner. Since our direct-hire service is based upon
payment contingent to placement, no cost is incurred until you hire your new emplyee and they begin work. You
now have a resource that provides professionals for your consideration at no cost. You will only be billed when a
selected candidate accepts a job offer and starts working for your organization.

Should your facility decide to explore candidates from Zurek Professional Resources, LLC, we do ask for several
non-monetary investments. First, it is important to provide as much information as possible about your facility,
your job opening, the local culture, employee benefits, and any other details that might help us with an accurate
presentation of your opportunity to a potential employee. Second, we ask for a sincere partnering effort where
both parties communicate candidly, providing updates, changes in project direction as soon as they happen.
We also hope to share a mutual enjoyment of working with one another. Please feel welcome to place a part of
your staffing goals in our hands.

Zurek Professional Resources, LLC
"Were it not for the people that work in our organization, there would
be nothing more than a functionless, empty building".
Zurek Professional Resources, LLC, P.O. Box 55143, St. Petersburg, FL 33732, 888-572-3001
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