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Fee Schedule and Agreement

CONTINGENCY SEARCH: Services provided on a contingency basis means there is no charge
until a candidate starts an assignment with your company. The fee is then due and payable
upon the employee's start date.

PLACEMENT FEE: 25% of the candidate's first year's guaranteed salary.

PAYMENT TERMS: Due in full upon starting date of employee. (receipt within 10 days)

Late payments will be assessed a penalty of 1.5%. Payment made beyond 30 days from the
candidate start date constitutes an agreed increase of the placement fee to 30% of the first year's
salary, plus a 1.5% penalty per additional month thereafter.

REFERRAL TERMS: Zurek Professional Resources, LLC makes every effort to ensure the
accuracy of all information regarding potential candidates, but makes no warranty as to the
accuracy or correctness of this information. Zurek Professional Resources, LLC will, upon
request, perform reference checks and academic verification, and provide the results of those
inquiries to the client company contact person, in an attempt to most effectively confirm
candidate credentials during the job offer process. It is incumbent upon the client company to
verify any information utilized in the decision to hire a Zurek Professional Resources, LLC,
candidate. Zurek Professional Resources, LLC or its 3rd party assignee will employ referred
contract employees. A direct hire of a contract employee will result in a direct placement fee
due as outlined above. If client, its parents, subsidiaries or affiliates, hire Contractor as an
employee, continue to receive services as a contractor or 1099 independent contractor, or in any
way continue to receive services from contractor outside of the Zurek Professional Resources,
LLC., contract, a fee of 25% of the contractor's first-year compensation will immediately be due
and payable to Zurek Professional Resources, LLC less a credit per every 30 days worked under
contractor agreement. The amount of this credit will be determined and agreed upon in
advance and will be based upon the bill rate of the contractor.

If a candidate's resume is already on file with the client company from any source, but has been
ruled out or not considered for the current search position, and said resume is submitted by
Zurek Professional Resources, LLC in such a manner that interest in that candidate is generated
to the extent that a job offer is made and accepted, the placement fee will be due and payable
to Zurek Professional Resources, LLC.

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Should Zurek Professional Resources, LLC, present a candidate whereas that candidate has
already been presented by another source, and is being considered for the search position, the
client company will notify Zurek Professional Resources, LLC of that fact within 24 hours via
email or telephone, providing the source name and contact information. Zurek Professional
Resources, LLC will confirm with the candidate that he/she has indeed discussed the search
position and agreed to be submitted to the client company for consideration by the other source.
If the candidate confirms that action, Zurek Professional Resources, LLC will honor the other
source's submission. Should the candidate indicate no knowledge of the other source, the client
company or the position, it will be understood that the candidate resume was submitted by the
other source without his/her knowledge or permission, and Zurek Professional Resources, LLC
will remain the referral source for that candidate and a placement fee will be due according to
the terms of this agreement if that candidate is hired.

LAWS, RULES, AND REGULATIONS: The Agent shall comply with all federal, state, and local
laws, rules, and regulations that pertain hereto. This agreement shall be construed in
accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and such law shall be applied in connection
with its enforcement. Any legal action required to enforce the terms of this agreement shall be
commenced within the State of Florida, and the Company shall pay the Agent its reasonable
attorney's fees and costs incurred in connection with such legal action.

I hereby understand and agree to the above placement fee schedule, payment terms and
referral terms.


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Zurek Professional Resources, LLC

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by John W. Zurek, President and Managing Member